May 21, 2009

Hello, yet another fantastic day. I'm really enjoying this! :]

Maybe it's not that my days have gotten better recently... maybe I've just begun to appreciate them more. Not sure about that one. I guess it would make sense, though. Either way, I like it.

School was pretty good. The end.

Tonight, I ate dessert first! It was excellent. The boyfriend and I both had root beer floats at the ice cream shop near his house, and then we went back to his back yard and played a board game. It was fun until the bugs starting eating me, so we went inside and played Uno with his mommy. I love her. She is one of the best people ever, no questions asked.

After the Uno, the boyfriend and I decided that we were hungry for reals, so we went and got Subway. I will tell you something here that you don't want to know: my favorite/only order from Subway.

6 inch Italian herbs and cheese bread, with ham, American cheese, pickles, and chipotle southwest sauce

EVERY time I order that, I get the same weird look from the people around. So what if I just like to combine a whole lot of good flavors? Make your own sandwich if you don't like how mine sounds! heehee.

Anyway, we went back to his house and I got very sleepy. We snuggled and watched some TV, and then it was time for me to go home, which is where I am now.

I have nothing else to add, at the moment! ta ta!

EDIT: I forgot to add this:
Guess who decided it was a good idea to just start drawing on me? I am now not only my own canvas, but also my boyfriend's. heh.

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