Jun 1, 2009

I went and saw UP.

Here are some thoughts:

1) Super cute short before the actual film, as usual. Mega awesometown props.

2) Lovely animation

3) Great plot

4) Just overall a fantastic movie. I would see it again. A+++ with a big smiley face.

To top it all off, I will tell you something slightly embarrassing.
At one point, I actually CRIED.

Now, this may not seem like a big deal (girls cry at movies all the time, right?), but for me, it is. You see, I've NEVER cried at a movie in my life, so for whatever reason, I guess this one was just extra special. There were just some parts that made me want to sob like a baby. Even the boyfriend said he got a little choked up.

So there you have a little bit of non-spoilery input from me!

What else, what else?... Picked up a pizza and just hung at home with the boyfriend. We cracked open the chocolate egg that his mom's Finnish friend gave them. (It was an actual eggshell that had had a hole drilled/cut into it, been emptied and whatever else, and then filled with SOLID chocolate. Amazing.) It was yummy yummy. Who knew the Finns were chocolatiers?

The boyfriend left, but not before I gave him back the little blanket and pillow I'd sewn for him for our 6 months. (I'd already given it to him on our six months, which was a while back. They had velcro on them so that they could stick together and hug, but the velcro was coming loose so he wanted me to reinforce it, which I did.) He wanted to detach the blanket part, but I told him to keep it and make it smell like Old Spice (which is what he wears, heehee) and then give it back to me if he wants. We are just weird and like to keep little things to remind us of each other.

I suppose that's about all I've got to say for tonight.


For reals, now, that's all.

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