Jun 23, 2009

My friend Kyle's birthday party is in about an hour and a half (hopefully, if his power doesn't go out again). Woo!

I think I shall check up on webcomics and waste a bit of time playing flash games.

The boyfriend and I finished Resident Evil 5! Yayyyy! :D It was amaaaazingly pretty, and a darn tootin' fun game, too. I highly recommend it (although I have to admit that I don't know what the gameplay is like on single player, since we played it full through on co-op).

Hopefully sometime this week, I will watch my newly bought copy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the boyfriend. I haven't seen it in a long time (so long that I remember absolutely NOTHING about it except that there's some singing and it's in a mansion or something along those lines). I'm pretty stoked. I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower earlier this year, and that movie was mentioned in it several times (kind of a big plot detail, but I'm not really giving anything away here by telling you that).

Speaking of Perks, HAVE YOU READ IT? I LOVED it so much! It was a really great book. I highly recommend reading it if you have not yet done so. It's fairly short (like 180 pages or something along those lines, if I remember correctly). It's from 1999, and it was set in 1991-1992, so there are a few pop culture references that may make you think back a bit, but nothing terribly hard to understand. The character supposedly writing the book, called "Charlie," made a reference to Harvey Milk at some point. I don't exactly remember why. I was reading the book right after the movie Milk came out, so I chuckled a little bit about that. So yeah, READ IT READ IT READ IT! :D

Alright, I'm done rambling. See you crazy kids later.


  1. It probably had something to do with Patrick! I'm going to guess the whole Harvey Milk thing has something to do with Patrick. And feather boas.

  2. Probably. Agagaga I loved that book so hard.