Jun 19, 2009

OK, this has been driving me nuts ALL day.

I was watching TV with my mom one time, YEARS ago, and we saw (I think) the beginning of this one movie. There was a boy walking down a street in a hoodie. It looked like it was probably really hot. He was bleeding, I think from his arm, and it was dripping on the ground. Then, some adult (I think his dad or someone else he knew) came by in a truck or a van or something. The adult was freaking out but I remember the boy not really saying anything or having a reaction to anything. He may or may not have had a skateboard with him.

And then the channel was changed, the movie never to be seen by me ever again.

For some reason, I was just thinking about that movie, and I was wondering if anyone out there on the interweb knows what I'm talking about. It's been driving me nuts. I keep filling the spot of the adult with Clint Eastwood, but I don't think he was actually in it. That's just my brain doing weird stuff.

SOMEONE FIGURE THIS OUT FOR ME PLEASE! Google is not being terribly helpful at this point in time.

EDIT: So I put this up on Yahoo Answers, and some guy replied that I had seen the beginning of Arlington Road. I checked it out, and I think he's right! Yaaaay! :D


  1. No! It's Fight Club! IT'S ALWAYS FIGHT CLUB!!! >=O

  2. I would've looked it up, but then I would've seen pictures of blood, and that grosses me out. Ick.

    I'm glad you found it, though!


  3. I actually tried looking it up and couldn't find anything, which is why I used Yahoo Answers. Someone told me what it was within like 20 minutes!