Jun 7, 2009

Went over to the boyfriend's yesterday. We watched Deadliest Warrior for a freakin' long time. Fun fun fun. You will also be happy to know that we ate pizza puffs! (In case you weren't already aware, I LOVE pizza puffs more than breathing... in fact, I would not mind breathing pizza puffs instead of air.)

It was a good day overall.

Today has been boring. I've done nothing but eat a bit and play Sims 3. I would be hanging with friends, but we've already hung out a lot in the last couple of days, so that can wait a bit. The boyfriend is at his dad's house and my bff across the street is working today. There's nothing but computer and video games at my house, so that is what I ended up doing. Tomorrow, I will begin the first of my summer chores by bringing up a few of the boxes from the basement and organizing them with my mom. It actually might be kinda fun. :) I like looking through old stuff sometimes.

Sometimes I worry about getting really horrible diseases. I guess that's normal... I just always wonder what I'd do, who I'd tell first, and so on. I also wonder about the people who inflict pain upon themselves. I can't imagine why they would do it. I don't just mean like cutting or what have you, but anorexia and smoking and whatever else you can do to hurt yourself. To me, it makes no sense, even though I know people have their reasons.

My brain is running wild today since I've had nothing to think about except keeping my two sims alive. (Well, it was one until she got married, haha. What a nerd I am.)

I don't think I've got much else to say. Byebye, kids.

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  1. im me next time you sign on [xxblackenedwings]

    ahh i sooo want to get sims 3 now =p next time i go shopping, maybe? i'll have something to keep me entertained all summer.

    i have no ideas if you're still taking exams or not, so i'm going to say some of the only frnech words i know:

    bon chance! [onyourexams!] =]