Jun 4, 2009

Yay for being done with finals!!! :D

Also, yay for GETTING SIMS 3 TONIGHT! HEEHEEHEE. My daddy is going to pick it up now or within the hour, with or without me (depending on whether or not he wants to ride his motorcycle). Yes, I am spoiled. But I do have to actually earn it, so nanner. I'll end up with chores and yardwork and suchly. But it's worth it. So so so worth it.

Tomorrow is my friends' last day of finals (I was lucky enough to have 8th period study hall, so I don't have an 8th period final, which is the only one tomorrow). After that all gets done, we are celebrating at Maggie's! Woo. We are eventually going to have a paper-burning party, although I will not be burning anything from French, or most likely English. Trig and bio, however, can disappear.

I got my schedule for next year!!! :D It goes like this:

Semester 1:
Advanced French (H)
Graphic Design 1
Drawing 1
Creative Writing
Lunch (but this might get changed since everyone starts with 5th lunch)
Study Hall (I might get this changed)
Drama Studies
Doctrine & Apologetics (Bible)

Semester 2:
Advanced French (H)
Digital Photo 2
Faith & Culture (Bible)
Lunch (same deal as semester 1)
Economics & Personal Finance
Ceramics 2
U.S. Government & Current Issues

Basically, it's the most beautiful schedule I've ever seen. It's a work of art, even. I should post this in my art blog, that's how beautiful it is. Haha. I'm so excited to be a senior!!! WOOOOOOO.

I think that is all. Much love, kiddos!

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  1. You did not honestly just use "nanner" in a sentence. No wai! :O