Jul 10, 2009


She's fine. :) She probably has an ulcer. Umm... yes. She came home from the hospital, as planned, the day after going in. Stayed home for the rest of the day and went to work the next day and now everything is back to normal.

My dad left yesterday morning to go on a camping trip with his brothers and his dad (and apparently some of his nephews, too, although 3 of the 4 brothers who did not bring their children were kinda mad about that). My mom and I spent last night... being really weird. We watched "Mr. Mom," which was cute, and it was really funny to see such a young Michael Keaton. Then we decided that we were hungry at 10:45pm. Too bad nothing is open but McDonald's... AND STEAK & SHAKE! So we went and got chocolate shakes and cheese fries. Sooooo healthy, right? RIGHT. When we got home, we got all weird. I think the chocolate made us insane because I just started spacing out and we were laughing at our mutual inability to speak in sentences. I once tried to tell her that "the garlic smells like fridge."

Anyway, we were still awake, so we decided to pick another movie from OnDemand. Found one called "The Song Spinner." I have to tell you, if you would like to laugh your butt off at a horrible movie, "The Song Spinner" may be the one for you. It's basically about this little "kingdom" that has outlawed music and loud noises (but apparently talking is okay because it somehow does not disturb silence). This lady and this little girl meet, and the lady shows the girl music, and the girl is set on making everyone like music and change the law and blah. My most favorite part of the whole movie is when the girl shows the music machine (also called a "song spinner," which basically is like a music box but the turning key is on the top in the middle instead of the back/bottom). At first he covers his ears, but then the girl gives him the key (for the song spinner) that apparently makes you speak truth (golden lasso, much?) and she asks him what his heart thinks and he says, "My heart thinks... that there's a rainbow in my ears!" At this point in the movie, my mom had fallen asleep, and I started cracking up and she woke up b/c of me, but it was so so so funny... geez. What a gem of a film.

*Awkward topic shift* so my sister and I both have ps3s, and we were both "walking around" in the Playstation Home thing, which is basically a giant, animated chat room, where you can walk an avatar around and stuff. Minigames here and there. Whatever. So she and I were talking, and we kept getting hit on by random guys (not abnormal on PSHome). So I'm like "Basically, people calling each other hot in here should be saying, 'I like yo pixels.'" And she and I laughed about it and then every time someone called us "hot" or something along those lines, I'd say that I liked their pixels. Some got it and laughed, some were like "whaaa?" and left. Gooood times.

I don't have anything else to say goodnight!

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