Jul 30, 2009

Wow, two new readers! Hello! :)

I have just finished my 4 days of work study at school, which means I now have a large chunk of my tuition paid for this year via financial aid. Yay!

The first two days went by really quickly. We painted a maroon room this yellow-ish color... without primer... and latex over oil paint, so it was pretty much peeling off right after we'd finished it. Whatever, not my problem, not the problems of the other people in my group, either. If the paint ends up not working out, then next year's work study kids will take care of it, I guess. Maybe the school will figure out how painting is supposed to work... heh. Anywho, on both days we got out at 2:30 instead of 4:00 because we ran out of stuff to do. Yay, indeed!

Yesterday, I did a lot of random stuff. Watering plants, washing windows (which were not actually dirty), taking out recyling, organizing, whatever. Boring. Today, I did a LOT of cleaning. My group cleaned a stairwell, including walls and railings and carpet... blech. Then, we washed chairs and then we went to wash dishes in the kitchen (apparently, one teacher had stockpiled like 15 mugs in his room over the year and hadn't bothered to take them down and wash them himself... ew). After that, we were done.

Yesterday was also my daddy's birthday! He has a strong liking for huge, plastic cups, so my mom and I found 10 for him. I got The Boyfriend to ask my dad a question about something in the garage, and while they were out, my mom and I put all the cups (wrapped) in the cabinet. When they came back in, I asked my dad if he would go make me a cup of ice water, because I was "so tired and thirsty." He took the bait, and a moment later, I could hear fits of laughter in the kitchen. He unwrapped all the cups and liked them very much. We also gave him a hat with a family joke ironed on to it, and then we got The Boyfriend to give him a roll of toilet paper in a bag. You see, there's this long-running joke in my family where SOMEONE always gives another person a roll of toilet paper. It happens at every birthday, every Christmas, and whatever other gift-giving events roll along. My dad started it, I'm sure. Anyway, we thought it would catch him by surprise if The Boyfriend gave it to him, since he's technically not part of the family, and he's been around the least amount of holidays and such. My dad thought it was hilarious. Yay! After the presents, my mom, dad, The Boyfriend, and I went out to dinner with my two sisters and their fellas. Yummyyyyy Mediterranean food.

So yes, that was my yesterday. After work study today, my mom and I came home and made Paula Deen's Old Fashioned Fudge Pie. It was (and is) delicious! And, it was quite simple. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who has a craving for chocolate and about 3 minutes to spare (since really, the brunt of the time it takes to make the pie is in the baking).

Sorry for the slew of long posts lately. I tend to neglect the internet for days at a time, considering it's summer and I have better things to do. heehee.

Again, hello to you new people! :D :D :D I can't wait to check out your blogs!

♥ Norah

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