Aug 9, 2009


I STOOD AT THE TOP OF THE SEARS TOWER!!!!!!! (That's right, it's SEARS, not "Willis.")

Here are some pictures! :D

Doesn't that look like a speckled rooftop? Or some gravel? It's actually the crowd at LollaPalooza!

From so high up, the buildings just look liked little models, or toys even.

Me trying to be "artsy."

Yep, in this picture I'm standing in a glass box, 103 stories in the air.

I sat in the box, too.

Chicago 2016!! Yeah, baby! Check out all those flags.

It will always be the SEARS Tower.

Look up toward the top of the building... see something that looks like...

little glass boxes? Those speckles are PEOPLE! And I WAS ONE OF THEM! (Not in this picture, but you get the idea.)

So there was my exciting adventure for the weekend/summer. Yaaay!



  1. eek!!! i would never be able to do that. I'm afraid of heights.

  2. You got to go in the box? I'm jealous! =o

    I wanna do that some day =)

  3. @Emily: I was pretty much shaking as soon as I got into the elevator to go up until we were back on the ground floor. It was exciting, though!

    @Alphie: You should! It's really cool! I wish it was a little less cloudy/foggy, but the view was still amazing.