Sep 8, 2009

Hooooly cow, these last few days have been SO strange.

To sum it up? How could I even...?

Lots of tickling happened... LOTS of tickling.

My friend and her (ex) boyfriend broke up. Seeing her sad is really strange... she's such a happy person. I hope she's okay. =/ I love that girl. We might go visit her at her house this evening, if she is up for it. Her mom never texted me back about it... so I guess I shall just text her. No surprise, I suppose.

I just (like literally minutes ago) found an oldish friend on facebook. I didn't know if it was her at first, because when I knew her, she had dark brown hair, and her pictures show her to be blondish... but I'm pretty sure it is. If not... I guess I could just delete her, but I'm 99.9% sure it's her. So yay! Facebook can be quite exciting sometimes.

My (dad's) truck has a CD player! (I discovered this a few days ago!) It doesn't play burned CDs though. *cries* Oh well.

In theory, I'm going to hang out with The Boyfriend tomorrow. Yay! I love seeing him. :)

I'M GOING TO BUY A NINTENDO DS! (Or DS lite). Used, but still. Yay! I'm really excited because I've never bought anything this expensive with my own money before, and also because I really want a DS 'cause all the games look super fun. :) Yay yay yay! So hopefully sometime this week, I'll be able to do that. I'm still waiting on the checks from my mom/grandpa for various thingums. Yay, sort-of income!

I'm still waiting for jobs to call/email me or whatever, even if it's to tell me they've rejected me. No one has been very timely except for Target. Sad. Eventually, I will get a job!

I think that's it?

EDIT: Apparently it's Blogger's 10th birthday! Wow. So they are using this SocialVibe thing to celebrate. Basically, if you (the reader) click on the SocialVibe box (there are two on the right side of this page - one for To Write Love On Her Arms and another for Invisible Children), and do whatever thing it asks (some kind of weird game thing?), it will donate money to whichever cause. So please, play with the gadgets, and add your own to your pages! :D

EDIT #2: When I Google the name "Norah," the three things I always find are Norah Jones, Nick & Norah's Ultimate Playlist, and (here's the strange one), a whole lot of babies/toddlers. I guess Norah is getting to be more popular of a name for little girls. Hum. I'm not really sure I like that... but yeah, just thought I'd point it out.


  1. Sorry about your friend's relationship. :(

    Why a DS Lite? Wouldn't you want a DSi? Or is it a financial thing?

    I signed up for social vibe too. I didn't know it was based on clicks. I thought it was just based off of page impressions/views.

  2. Yeah, it's a total bummer... I think she'll be okay though. It was her decision.

    Well I actually don't know what type of DS I'm going for... just whatever is in store at GameStop and used, since they are cheaper but still guaranteed to play. I just know that used DS Lites are $100 at GameStop. So... we'll see?

    According to the Blogger... blog... it's by interactions, not just views.