Nov 10, 2009

So... this girl and I talked. Turns out she just reeeeally like The Boyfriend and he had "liked" her sort of but decided that he didn't. She claims that he treated her like crap, which, ok, maybe he used her a little but she seemed quite willing to do whatever... anyway, I'm pretty sure what happened was that she got in over her head and The Boyfriend did not have the tact to let her down easy.

She's actually a really cool girl. We talked for a while and I think I made her feel better about stuff. I was a little mad that The Boyfriend left out the stuff about how much she liked him, and about her crying on the phone with him, but it wasn't a big deal. I think everything will be A-OK now. :D

In other news, I have a mysterious texting friend. More on that later, 'cause it's just too weird to explain as of yet.

I lost my phone today at school sometime between lunch and the class after lunch, but I found it at the end of the day. Someone had dropped it off at the front office. Yay! :D

Life is good.


  1. Ohhh...okay...well tha's good! I'm glad your happy! :)

    What kinda phone do you have? (Sorry. I'm a phone nerd) 0.o


  3. Mysterious texting friend...Sounds mysterious.

  4. @elle: ^_^ Thanks, me too. And my phone's a Red Samsung A707 sync (this: It's worked fairly well but I think the battery is loose so it likes to turn off by itself sometimes. Oh well, contract should be up in February-ish.

    @allan: Probably, WHINY GOPHER WHINER!

    @logan: Indeed, it is quite mysterious. The story is still developing so I'm reluctant to post about it yet. But soooon.