Nov 2, 2009

Tomorrow is the last day of my 5-day weekend! Sad! :P

However things are going quite well. My dad brought home a job for me (basically I have to act as a hole-punch to these rubber things... that's the best way I can explain it) which is going to pay money! He said that he talked to his boss and they are maybe going to put me on the payroll and then I'll just do whatever odd jobs my dad can take home and then maybe also sometimes come in after school or on weekends to do other odd jobs. I am actually quite excited because that means I'm kinda sorta employed! :D And I've already done a little bit of work! My dad said there are about 20 boxes of these rubber things, and tonight I did one, and I'm going to make $4 a box! So $80 bucks! It basically equates to minimum wage, which is totally fine by me. I am just excited to be doing a somewhat legit job.

In other news, The Boyfriend (yay to be calling him that again!) is now an employee of GameStop! Which means DISCOUNTS! haha. My friends are already asking him to buy books for them, since he gets a 30% discount from Barnes&Noble! (Isn't that sweet? GameStop and B&N and a few other places are owned by the same company so he gets sweet discounts at all of them!) He also gets to borrow games from the store for 4 nights at a time, so he said he probably has to rent some ps3 games (he doesn't have a ps3, but I do) for "research for work" and all. Teeheehee, I am beyond excited! So basically, life is REALLY GOOD right now.

I got my haircut today and got a library card! (Ok, really I renewed mine that expired 5 years ago, but they gave me a new one so... yeah...) This is, I think, the THIRD time I've gotten my hair cut shorter on the right side than the left... all at different places, too... so I think there just has to be something wrong with my head, shoulders, neck, or something along those lines... haha. I should probably fix it. Oh well.

Not much else to post about. I'd write about Halloween but I'm feeling too lazy, haha. So yes. Bye!


  1. I'm starting to think your Halloween was very traumatic and you're just trying to avoid talking about it. =/

  2. Haha shush, I'll post about it RIGHT NOW so that you will be happy. :)