Apr 29, 2009

I feel like my blog needs to be prettier. Originally, I picked the layout because it had a star on it that reminded me of Converse shoes. No joke.

But now, I see all these pretty blogs and I want mine to be pretty! I feel so selfish.

Someone want to help me figure out how to make my blog prettier? :3

I think I would like this picture up, nice and big, somewhere:

Doesn't it just make you smile and put little warm fuzzies in your heart?

I was having a bad day, maybe a year or two ago... and I talked to my friend about it. She told me I needed one of those things ^ and so I looked at the picture in the link and it cheered me up. I have no idea where she finds this stuff, but it's one of the reasons I love her so much.

So yeah. Someone help me? (Probably I'll not want to wait and just look on Google for how to do it, but we shall see...)


  1. i can help =] my blog's not all that fancy, it used to be but i think it became too much for me. if you find a template, it's not that hard to use it, i can walk you through it =] google's a good place to search for templates though.

    you can look though here: http://www.bloggerbuster.com/
    ^i like that one more =]

    much love! rachel

  2. @Rachel: Thanks! I'll be sure to check those out. :)

    @Allan: Like... where to begin? I don't want to do anything complicated, but I would like something a little more customized. I think the sites that Rachel suggested will help so yeah.

  3. Well, if you want some Photoshopped headers or whatevers or you don't wanna do it yourself, tell me what it is you want done and I'll gladly do it.

  4. :) You are so nice! I'll let you know if I think of something. For now, all I know for sure is that I want that picture.

  5. look up cutest blogs on the block.