Jan 28, 2010

Sorry for not posting lately. I've been busy, I've not been online much, and I just haven't really felt like it.


Want to know something? Next week, I'm gonna do something crazy. From Monday through Friday, I'm going to write a paragraph for every waking hour. And I've asked 10 people to keep me accountable. It's gonna be ridiculous. I think I might post some of those up here, but they're all going to start out handwritten. :)

So what's new? What's happened lately? Well I went to France and Spain for two weeks. It was the most amazing experience of my life. Barcelona is probably the most beautiful place I've ever seen. Montserrat was INCREDIBLE. I don't know what else to say about my trip. I wrote in a journal almost every day, so I may end up posting some of that here... we'll see.

I turned 17 on January 8th. WOOO. For my birthday, I got an orange iPod nano from my parents and tickets to go see The Blanks from The Boyfriend. If you've seen the show Scrubs, you probably know who the character Ted is. If you've seen enough of the show, then you know that Ted is in an A Capella group. In real life, Sam Lloyd (Ted) is in an A Capella group called The Blanks.

I'm the only girl in the picture (duh). The Boyfriend is the one in the brown coat. Sam Lloyd is the guy next to him, and we are standing with the rest of The Blanks. The man standing next to me is named Philip (I think?). He saw me come up for an autograph and this happened:

Philip: Wow, you are gorgeous!
Me: Oh thanks!
Philip: You really dressed up for our show! Your dress is so cool!
Me: Oh yeah, I got it in France.
Philip: *laughs* ... Wait, seriously?
Me: Yep.
Philip: Wow, cool! Way to bring a little class to the show!

So that was fun. I like being called pretty/having my fashion taste complimented by complete strangers. (I know, it's creepy in some situations but this was totally normal and nice.)

School started up again last Wednesday. I'm now a part of a writing group with 3 other students and my Creative Writing teacher from last semester. We write stuff all week and on Thursdays (since we do block schedule in which classes are 90 minutes and lunch is about an hour), we go off campus for lunch and read our stuff and talk about it and such. Today was our first outing, and I have to say, it was my second-favorite high school lunch ever (my first-favorite being the potluck we had at the end of my junior year). I can only hope that they just get better! :D Totally amazing (and part of the reason why I want to take on the crazy task I described at the start of this post).

So that's my life right now.

Oh and you should go watch These Movies.

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