Mar 7, 2010


Life has been busy lately... well, that and I've been consumed by Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. Finally beat them both. Yay!

So... let's see... my weekend.

Friday: (No school) Hung out with my ex (who I dated for a month, so no biggie). He wanted to "catch up." Really random. We got coffee and it was pretty decent. After that, went to a show with The Boyfriend. His friends' band was playing. They are AWESOME. ♥

Saturday: Went shopping with the girls. I found a dress that was originally $109 for $15!!! :D It was one of the dresses I thought about getting for Christmas Banquet, so I bought it and I might wear it for graduation! Finished ME2. Got dinner with The Boyfriend and his cousin, who is awesome.

Sunday: Made lunch/dinner with mom and had Grandpa, The Boyfriend, Aunt and her new BF over. He's a nice fellow. :)

So that's my life as of late. Been writing a lot, which is sweet. Uhh... nothing else to speak of right now?

Peace out

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