Apr 5, 2010

Mirthful Monday #1

Hey kids. Today is the first installment of MIRTHFUL MONDAYS! :D How exciting! Now, in case you didn't read the introductory post to the new way I'm going to start doing things (even though it's literally the most recent post, probably directly beneath this one), this is how Mirthful Mondays will work: I will be posting something I find funny and then say a few things about it. The reason behind this is because Mondays are TERRIBLE and I'd like to make them a little less terrible for anyone who reads this.

Link: Wheezy Waiter

Wheezy Waiter is this guy named Craig who does a vlog (video blog for those of you who aren't hip to today's internet lingo). He is from Chicago (woot!) and he is quite hilarious. He's been doing them for almost 3 years and recently, I've been going through, trying to watch every episode from start to current. (I've had a lot of time on my hands this week.) The Wheezy Waiter seems to be a little crazy (but in a good way). I know he posts these videos on youtube (which is what the above link goes to), but I believe he also has a blog somewhere. If you're really that interested, you'll be able to find it easily, I'm sure.

Here's to hoping your Monday sucks a little less!

p.s. OHMAHGAH I actually made a vlog attempt. It's in the last post, since it makes more sense there... uh.. yeah.

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