May 17, 2010

Mirthful Monday #7

Oh hay, it's Monday again.

Something I really enjoy is reading webcomics. I currently read 6 that update regularly, but there are 5 more that are either finished or have a sporadic update schedule which I also enjoy.

I really like webcomics because I get to see a little bit of a long story develop every day or at least every week. I also like seeing illustrations that go with the stories I read. Each author is a little bit different, as is every story. Some webcomics are more autobiographical, while others are entirely fictional. Most of the ones I read are pretty funny. Some have more profound moments, while others are just plain silly.

Here is a list of all the regularly updating comics I read:
1) Questionable Content (Fictional, well-drawn, funny, good plot and characters)
2) Johnny Wander (Autobiographical with some fiction, cute art, funny)
3) xkcd (Fictional standalones for the most part. Stick figures, but very consistent. Funny and smart)
4) Pictures for Sad Children (Fictional, some stories and some standalones. Funny but in a very dry way. Sometimes hard to understand.)
5) Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (I think all standalones? OK art but VERY funny)
6) Orneryboy (Fictional but based on the author and his lady, follows a storyline, nice art, some fun flash bits thrown in, funny, angsty.)

The other comics, which are either over or update strangely, are:
1) Anders Loves Maria (Ended. Beautiful plot and art. Fairly dramatic but fantastic.)
2) Bear and Kitten (Almost a year of unannounced hiatus. By far the cutest webcomic I've ever seen. It's a bear and a kitten who live together, and I think they love each other but never officially. I really want this to come back!)
3) lolbots (Irregular updates. Cute shorts, based on the comic Diesel Sweeties, which I've tried, unsuccessfully, to read through. Funny but there aren't a lot of them.)
4) Just a Bit Off... (he's been super busy, understandable update weirdness. Fairly autobiographical, interesting art style. Takes the story of a pretty regular guy and makes it humorous and fun to read)
5) So Far Apart (from the author of ALM and her boyfriend. It's too new to see how the update schedule is going to work out, but it's about their long-distance relationship. It seems interesting, and I know I at least like 1/2 the art)

I used to read one called The Purple Hills Afar. It was about adorable bears who went on adventures and loved baked beans. The authors announced a month-long vacation, and after a few months without updates, the website suddenly disappeared, nothing but an unused domain name. I have since been unable to relocate the comic. I hope it comes back someday!

Sorry that this post was a little long... and also fragmented. I wasn't really sure how I wanted to write it so it came out all jumbled. Anyway, here's to hoping you find something new and brighten your Monday, since we all know that Mondays SUCK.

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