May 21, 2010

Off the calendar

I have to get some stuff off my chest, and this is the only place that seems OK enough to do it. I'll probably just make this tomorrow's entry anyway.

Most of my friendships are falling apart. I feel like there's no one I can totally trust anymore. There's no one for me to rely on, at least not within my circle of friends at school. I have my best friend, who is always there for me, and The Boyfriend, who is just amazing... but it kills me to think that the people with whom I spend the most time are the people who are just going CRAZY right now. Everyone talks behind each others backs. When things get planned, they fall through 85% of the time. My group of friends is starting to split off into mini-groups and it's really starting to suck. Might as well just forget it all and start over this fall. New place, new friends, right?

Great way to end senior year, right?

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