Mar 24, 2009

Ok ok again with the multiple posts in a day but I promise this will be short.

I had to write a huge paper for English this year (not huge size-wise so much as grade wise... it was only 1800 word minimum, so about 5-7 pages, but if you don't get at least a C then you get summer school and get put into a special English class next year, etc.) Well, the papers were turned in on the 3rd. We got them back with COMMENTS on Friday, but not our actual grades because our teacher wanted us to do a "self assessment" about how we thought we did before we were given our actual scores. I gave myself "some kind of B" because I thought my paper fell into the B category.

In reality, I got a 96% !!! :D I am flipping out right now. It's 11pm and I just went yelling across the house to tell my mom. I'm not trying to brag... I'm just so insanely HAPPY right now. I honestly thought it was just a mediocre paper. I feel like I'm gonna pass out or something, this is NUTS.

Sorry, you probably don't care about this but I don't know where else to say it. I just want to express my excitement.

(This post turned out a bit longer than expected... sorry about that.)

With happy happy thoughts,

p.s. Maybe my teacher is not such a Litzar after all.

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