Mar 24, 2009

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Hello, world! Today, I went to school. Exciting, I know.

Skip to the bottom from here if you don't want to know about me getting shot. I'll put the whole story in black, so just skip the black part if you want the quick and dirty version of this post.

Anyway, after school, my long-awaited "being shot" actually happened. You see, it all started about two weeks ago. I was walking down a stairca
se to get to my biology class on time, when the photo teacher at my school (I took photo last year and he is really cool so we are palsies) said, "Hey, Norah, I want to shoot you sometime!" and I said "Oh...okay." And continued on to biology. During the two weeks that followed, he and I talked a little bit about when I was going to be shot. We finally nailed down a date and time - right after school, today. I went to his lab after school with a couple of my friends (I was a little nervous since I had no flippin' clue what was going on) and he had us come into the basement of the Fine Arts Center with him.
NOTE: To all you folks out there who don't know what my school is like (which I would assume to be the majority or all of you), this request was NOT creepy in any way. You see, the upstairs of the FAC at my school is an auditorium, while the downstairs is art classrooms. It's not just some funky basement.

So we went down and my teacher had me stand in front of a red backdrop while he fixed the lighting. The camera was a couple of feet away from my face (at most) and he told me he was trying to get my eye color perfectly. EYE COLOR! So that's what it was. You see, when people first meet me, a lot of the time they'll say something about how cool my eyes are. I'm not trying to brag, that's just how it is. I guess the color is pretty unique (it's a mixture of blue, green, and gray with little flecks of gold, depending on what l

ight you see it in) and the shape sorta makes them pop a little more (I've actually convinced people that I am one sixth Japanese because of the shape of my eyes... no joke. I am not at all Asian that I know of.) So he took a bunch of shots of my eyes (well really my face but the depth of field was so short that only the front of my face was actually in focus) with the red, and then with white, blue, and orange backdrops. It took all of about 40 minutes and then we were done. He showed me a couple of the shots and I think they're gonna turn out really sweet.

After we were done, he asked if we could possibly shoot once a week for a little bit. There was another guy there who my teacher shot too, but I think it was for his shirt because it was turquoise and his eyes are pretty blue. So I didn't feel quite so awkward.

So now I am about to get ready and head over to teh boyfriend's house. That should be fun. :) That's all for now, kids. Oh and...


Billy: Man, our English teacher is so strict.
Johnny: Yeah, she's a real Litzar.

Lemme know what YOU think Litzar means!

Always blinking when the shutter closes,

p.s. What would you if you were in a school-wide chapel (or assembly, if you prefer) that was extremely boring, and you had only had a purse (or backpack) filled with pens, a phone, some scraps of paper with not much room to write on, and a camera? I chose to draw this:

p.p.s. Sorry that these are sorta crappy pictures. I had to photoshop them for lighting etc. but otherwise that's exactly what it looks like. You can even see remnants of the reminders from days past. (Ink does not wash out of my skin very well, especially from this one particular pen that I was using.)

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