Apr 22, 2009


This is my 60th post! Joy! Already I've hit the number of posts that should have taken me two whole months to write (nearly).

To celebrate, I will tell you a little something.

You are awesome.
You are beautiful.
You mean something to someone (maybe me, maybe others, probably more).
You are an individual.
You are capable of doing whatever you want, so long as you try hard and believe in yourself.
You can make an impact on the world, whether it's just one one person's life, or millions of lives.
You are interesting.
You are special.

Aaaaand that's enough of that because I'm starting to feel a little too sappy.

I will be going back to school in 2 and a half hours for the France trip meeting. Woooo.
The boyfriend started his new job yesterday. So far, he likes it. He works at Oberweis, if I haven't mentioned that in a previous post. He has work again today, but I get to see him tomorrow! Yay! :)

I need to get some long, black gloves to go with my prom/banquet dress. I've ALWAYS wanted to wear long gloves. (Yeah, I'm kind of a dork like that.)

I really would also like to go shoe shopping sometime soon. (Like that alliteration?)

That's all I have to say.