Apr 22, 2009

just for me

This is a post that is purely for me. It's just a bunch of nice things people say to me, so that I can look back and go, "hey, there are some really cool people out there." I wanted to save it somewhere other than my own computer in case I, for some reason, lose all my documents on my computer. I think I will save it as a draft so that no one else can see it except me.

"I love you" - Grandpa

"By me clicking this and looking at a dress, ie fashion stuff, you better know that this means that I really like you." - Patrick (regarding me sending him a link to the picture of my prom dress to reassure myself that Zac wouldn't hate it.)

"Wow... I really like this one. Like a lot. You should pursue this." - Guy on PostSecret who liked a poem I posted.

"I will certainly write to an awesome and special person. :)
a friend from PSC" -an anonymous person on my Greetinger