Apr 15, 2009

I seriously feel like there are two giant hands on my head, just squeezing it. It doesn't hurt, but everything feels very compressed. Allergies? :[

I felt like a 90s mom today at school (I wore this shirt/dress thing and... well that's the best way I can describe it - 90s mom).

In alphabetical order, I have these people following me!:

Allan (edited:oops... I fail at spelling sometimes)

So props to them for not getting bored/annoyed (at least, not to the extent of blocking/deleting) reading my posts. :)

I wish I had a dopple-ganger that I knew in person. I've only seen one (two?) but never met.

More later. ♥

1 comment:

  1. Technically, I should come first again in that list. Haha.

    Doppelgängers aren't good! If you see your doppelgänger, that's usually a sign that something bad will happen or you'll die. Or I may completely wrong and they actually bake you cookies all day.