Apr 14, 2009

"Scheduled outage at 2:00AM PDT on Thursday (4/16)"

I definitely thought that it said "outrage" there and not "outage." I was all, "wha? blogspot is mad at me?" (oops, it's blogger now, not blogspot... maybe it's mad because I call it by the wrong name.)

On another note, I just got home from the boyfriend's house. We had fun. I got to eat some pizza puffs. I LOVE pizza puffs (aka pizza rolls or whatever else you want to call them). He starts his new job (yay, Oberweis!) a week from today. I tease him that now he can buy me presents. What I really mean when I tease him is this : I really want to go to prom, and now that you have some form of income, I'm hoping you'll buy us some tickets.

Is that really selfish of me? I feel like it is but... I dunno. It's not fair, I don't HAVE prom at my school (dancing = sin in the eyes of some of the board members of my school... one of the downsides to going to a Christian school). We've got a banquet for juniors and seniors only, but no prom. I love dancing (even though I'm terrible at it), so it makes me sad to think that my boyfriend, who goes to a school that likely has a relatively cheap prom to get tickets for (ghetto district, ghetto town, ghetto school... could I say ghetto one more time?), isn't willing to take me to prom because he just doesn't want to go. Now, the not having money to pay for it thing was legitimate... BEFORE he got a job, but now he's got plenty of time to save up like $100-$200, I'm sure. He's got until the end of MAY, which I would think would be fine.

Meh, I'm just spoiled and selfish.

I've been wanting to go to a prom for as long as I can remember. Up until I met my boyfriend, I never thought I'd have a chance in hell, considering how my school doesn't have it.

*sigh* Hopefully our mutual friend will hint around to him about how much I really want to go.

Sorry if I sound like a total brat in this post. I'm not trying to be that way. Seriously, though, I almost never ask anything of him, so now I'm kind of upset that the one thing I really want is something I can't have (at least, not at this point). He would get so much deposited into his account at the hug bank if he just took me to this one stupid dance. =/

BAH, I'll shut up now.

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