Apr 4, 2009

The rest of my life was determined today.

Okay okay, so maybe it's not that extreme... or maybe it is. I took the ACT today. If you don't know what that is... well, basically it's a freakin' long test. I counted (I think) 215 multiple choice questions (English, math, reading, science - not an equal amount of questions or time for all of them) and then a 30 minute timed essay question. I think my essay ended up being 3 pages (1 and a half, front and back), which was 4 or 5? I think 5 paragraphs. The reason for the ACT is to determine what colleges you can get into, pretty much. You can get a score up to 36 (so 9 points each section, if I'm doing my math right... unless that's with essay, but I don't think so). I'm shooting for a 28. Average is (again, I think) 21-23? The schools I want to get into have a range of like 26-30 ish, so 28 would be just right.

AAANYWAY, I don't have much to write about today. My brain is kind of drained atm.


I went to a show last night (duh, you know that if you read the last entry in this blog). It was AAAAMAZING. They had a 2 hour set at a bar & grill. 26 songs (with a break in the middle). Mostly originals with a few covers thrown in. Their originals are all great. Lots of fun dancey rock music, a couple of slow songs (ballads? Nah.). The boyfriend and I were dancing to one of the slow songs and the singer (he's in 8th grade) looks at us and goes "oh, how cute" and I could feel my face go red. Everyone thought we were cute though, I guess. Haha. The entire bar heard/saw it. (This is about 1/3 people from teh bf's school, who I kinda know, and the rest are complete strangers.) Oh wells.

Ok ok so my highlight of the night: They played a cover of The Decemberists' Oh Valencia! !!! DUUUUDE. You have no idea how much I love that song. Not only did they play it, they played it well. I mean, they really blew it out of the water. I was so psyched. They did a lot of good covers, actually. Twist and Shout, American Girl, and a song by the Strokes which I don't know the name of were all on the set list. I seriously can't believe how great they were. But then you listen to their originals, and you're like "holy shit, they can PLAY! AND WRITE!" and yeah. I almost didn't stop dancing during the second set (the part after the break) except when I felt like I was gonna fall over if I didn't. I wish I was a better dancer. Pretty much all I can do is shake around a little.

Oh and you know what else? THEY GOT AN ENCORE! They actually didn't have an encore prepared, so they played this Irish dirinking song, which was for "all of you who out there who have been drinking tonight." Apparently everyone from their school band knows it. I don't remmeber the name. Everyone in the bar was cracking up and having a good time.

I can't imagine a better show. It was great, and it was fun.

And now, for realsies, I'm done.
Catch ya later, kiddies.


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  1. Haha, glad to hear that you're enjoying your break. :] Or that you enjoyed it...

    And I still have to take the ACT soon. I'm a bit nervous. But whatever.