May 24, 2009

100th post!

Hello there, anyone who is reading this! This is no ordinary entry in my blog... you see, this is my

100TH POST!!!

I'm pretty stoked about it, so I've decided to celebrate! First, a list of 100 things that I like! Heehee.

1. blogs
2. converse
3. cherry chapstick
4. music
5. the color orange
6. dresses
7. dancing
8. cooking
9. s'mores
10. pizza puffs
11. pugs
12. One Headlight by The Wallflowers
13. white cran-strawberry juice
14. good books
15. Good Eats (tv show)
16. The Princess Bride (movie&book)
17. star tripping
18. B.G. (my stuffed kitty from teh bf)
19. webcomics
20. The Sims (JUNE 2, BABY!)
21. cameras (of all shapes, sizes, and types)
22. PaRappa the Rapper (for Playstation original)
23. Macaroni Grill (or any restaurant that puts out paper tablecloths and crayons)
24. summer
25. rain
26. the words "enthused," "indeed," and "vernacular"
27. cute text messages
28. big headphones
29. arm/leg warmers
30. beanies
31. my Poang
32. Ikea
33. Cocoa Wheats
34. sales!
35. filling out forms
36. getting good grades
37. V8
38. thinking about being a grown-up
39. but still being a kid
40. lunchtime at school
41. making funny faces
42. Pandora
43. 10 Things I Hate About You
44. study halls spent outside
45. French
46. making fun of stupid things
47. the Magic Bullet infomercial
48. not having an iPod
49. my birthday
50. regular holidays
51. facebook
52. bands that change their names
53. cosplaying
54. college mail
55. making lists
56. talking to people on AIM
57. l337
58. being the youngest one in most situations
59. digital clocks
60. my comforter
61. Guitar Hero
62. karaoke
63. being home alone
64. attractive boys
65. Cosmo & wedding magazines
66. Filthy Gorgeous time.
67. good smelling shampoo
68. giving people presents
69. ...okay and getting presents, too
70. roller coasters
71. going to the arcade
72. pretending like I know how to scrapbook
73. having smoothly shaved legs
74. going to normal-ish places in a fancy dress (i.e. bowling or Steak & Shake)
75. having a TV in my room
76. The Regular Guy (only Chicago-area people will get this, unless they listen to his podcasts)
77. meeting people I admire
78. the smell of lilacs
79. carnations (favorite)
80. syncopation
81. MS Paint contests with friends
82. trying to do the Thriller dance
83. horribly awesome movies (Evil Dead!)
84. attempting to sew
85. backspace
86. funny faces
87. band shirts
88. lolcats & failblog
89. bobby pins
90. not being in the frosh-soph hallway anymore
91. Homecoming week
92. telling stories
93. poetry
94. fresh notebooks
95. hot cocoa
96. jumping in piles of leaves
97. painting random things that most people don't paint (like shelves and shoes)
98. hugs and kisses and snuggling
99. Scattergories
100. Wikipedia

There you have it, folks, 100 things that I like!

And now, a picture!!!

I took this from the car, while my mom and I were on our way to Tennessee to see/meet Alton Brown at Opryland! It was by far one of the most amazing experiences of my life! (Good Eats, his show, is on the above list.)

What else is there? I think nothing, so there you go. Happy 100th post to me! Heh. Hope you were not too annoyed by this post. ;)

Lots of love.


  1. I've got a little present for you over at my blog!

  2. Aww, thanks Allan, you are such a sweetheart. XP

    Maggie, you are the best! Thank you! I think I will wait to post this one 'cause I want my 100th post up a bit longer. Haha. Nerd is me.