May 17, 2009

Also, I think I want to write for a living.
(I know, I've changed my mind about 45 times on this...)

Specifically, I'd like to write short books.
Children's books.
Teaching books.

And I would like them to be in English and French.

I think it's what I'm going to do. It's what I would be good at, anyway.


  1. I think you should. Then I could be your biggest fan and show up at all the book signings and stuff.

    But for cereal, you really should if it's what you love.

  2. damn i love the banner at the top. lovely randomness.

  3. @Allan: Yay, a creepy stranger! But yeah, I love writing, stories, and French, and they seem to make a lovely combinaton.

    @Jesse: Thanks! :] I like to play around with photoshop sometimes! Supah fun.

  4. me too, i haven't made anything in a while though, maybe i will post my old stuff up

  5. Do it! I'd like to see! :]