May 11, 2009

Good afternoon, folks.

I got home from school about an hour ago and I must say that, although I have one heck of a cold, my day has been going really well. I am fairly happy about life and suchly! :] Want some reasons? Here you go...

1) Summer is coming soon!
2) I have the best boyfriend EVERRRR.
3) My weekend was awesome and it made me realize how much I love and appreciate my friends.
4) Speaking of friends, I have a new one!
5) The sun is finally showing his lovely face, at least a little bit.
6) I get to stand up on the stage at school and get a French contest award on Monday... I know it seems dumb, but I'm actually kind of excited about it.
7) I'm already looking forward to the county fair, where I will get to see TWO awesome bands!
8) School is getting easier and more relaxed.

Now, these things are in addition to just the normal reasons I have to be happy, like the fact that I live in a nice house, my parents aren't terribly insane, and I go to a great school. So basically, life is good. I guess maybe here I should insert some encouragement to look around yourself and try to appreciate the little things that you have. I'm working on that, myself.

I'm off to hang with my mommy or something. :] Later, kiddos.


  1. that puppy is silly :P
    Glad you are happy about life, N, it's always good to know :)
    Who's arm is that in the slideshow?
    looks sore!!!

    maya xx

  2. Oh, you mean the thing on the right side? It's just a slideshow of the most recent pictures posted onto Blogger. Some of them are pretty interesting. Sorry that I've got no more info about this mysterious arm, though! :]

    Also, you can call me Norah. :]

  3. Ohhh, I get it now-I've always wondered what that thing on the right was....

  4. The Academy Is... and The Cab. :]
    My friend is super into The Cab and I'm really into TAI, and a couple of our other friends are pretty into both/either of them, so it should be lots of fun.