May 3, 2009

Hey there, Birthday Girl!

Hello there!

Just wanting to wish Maggie a happy birthday! Wow, 18!! That's so crazy! Here are some things you can now go out and do! (I know, we talked about this at school already, but I'm figuring it would be fun to have a list written out.)

-Buy cigarettes!
-Buy lottery tickets!
-Go to a strip club!
-Register to vote!
-Get a job somewhere that requires you to be 18! (I think the electronics part of Toys 'R Us is one.)
-Join the military!
-Get a credit card!
-Order something from a commercial! (I suggest BLOWPENS.)
-Get a tattoo!
-Buy pornography!
-Be good! (This is kind of a reverse thing to do, since now you can be TRIED AS AN ADULT!)
-Go to jury duty!
-Date old men!
-Get married!

Hopefully I haven't left any out. Anyway, Maggie dear, I love you tons! I hope your 18th birthday is as awesome as you are!

p.s. If you aren't Maggie and you are reading this, then... well... happy Sunday to you, since it's probably not also your birthday. :D

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  1. Thanks Norah-you're the sweetest! I love you!
    p.s. I was gonna do a list like that one my blog, but now I'll just copy yours!