May 2, 2009


Hello! As you already know, prom was last night. Ohmygoodness... so so so so so much fun!

I'm going to be crazy and put pictures up here! (Face included!)

Gotta rock the Converse, baby.

The boyfriend and me. This is my favorite picture from the ones my mom took. (Can't wait to see the ones his family took!)

I did not take any pictures AT prom. I think that was the only bad decision I made last night. Still, it's not like we were with my friends anyway, so I guess I don't mind it much. Next week, at the junior/senior banquet at my school, I'll be sure to take millions of pictures (especially of my "date" and his 4 other "dates!" What a pimpdaddy.)

So... What is there to really tell about prom? We got in, sat around for a while. They brought us dinner, which was pretty good. There was a LOT of food, actually. Too much, I think, but still. The boyfriend and I sat with the usual crowd, who I am getting to know a bit better each time we hang out. Then we opened up the favors on the table (no one believed me when I said that they weren't just decoration!! I kept telling them the bubble wrap underneath the tissue paper meant there was something in the packages!) and they turned out to be these cute photo cubes. I think I left mine in the boyfriend's car. Oh well, I'll get it back at some point.

After the dinner, there was much dancing. For some strange reason, I love to dance, even though I'm terrible at it. (Admittedly, so is the boyfriend, so it's all good. At least we look like idiots together.) Surprisingly, no one else there had my dress! I was so happy! And I got to spend like $100 less on it than most girls, so that was nice, too. Teeheehee. Anyway, I ended up getting a side cramp in the middle of Shout (you know... throw your hands up and shout! that song) but it calmed down during the YMCA, which was immediately after. I dunno why they decided to pair together the two old-school dance songs instead of splitting them up. Basically everything else was hip hop or pop. Just the usual dance mix. No Daft Punk. :'[ But still good.

Time passed by really fast, and all of a sudden it was 11pm, time to go. The DJ played two or three more songs and then everyone had to leave. Sad. But wow, it was so awesome! The boyfriend and I drove back to his house, where we changed into some of his clothes (I borrowed a t-shirt and some shorts) and then his mom drove us to his friend's house. There were maybe 15 people there, some who left early, some who arrived later, but it was about that many overall. The friend's dad was so nice! And wow, he kept bringing us platter after platter after platter of food. It was good. We all just sat around, listened to music, laughed, snuggled. At one point, the boyfriend was analyzing the "snuggle factor" in the room, talking about which couches were well-balanced and which ones needed a little extra snuggle to happen. It made me laugh. At that point, it was about 1:30am and I was getting really sleepy. My mom was coming to get me at 2:30, so I just stayed and snuggled.

2:30 came and I was nearly asleep. I waited for 5 minutes, then texted my mom. Waited another 5 and then called her cell, only to realize that it was not on. I waited 5 more minutes and finally decided to call the house phone and risk waking up my father. My mom answered and then left to pick me up. I was secretly happy she fell asleep because it meant an extra half-hour of snuggle time with my baby! At that point, we had managed to take over the loveseat and I was just curled up in a ball under his arm. It was nice. My mom arrived at about 3am and then I went home, texted the boyfriend goodnight, and promptly fell asleep.

A good night overall, I'd say.

Next weekend is my school's version of prom, the junior/senior banquet, which I am really excited for. I get to wear the same dress and I'm gonna be with most of my best friends. I'm so lucky that I get to go to not one but TWO proms! :) Except there won't be dancing at the one at my school, but still. Super fun.

Sorry for the long post. I just had so so much fun! Hope you are all doing well!


  1. Awe you guys look so cute! ^-^

    And might I say in the non creepy way you're beautiful. =)

  2. :) Thank you! We had loads of fun.