May 5, 2009

Postponing the t-shirt post until a day that is not today because I need to do my biology homework. (Insert a picture of me making a sad face here.)

I just got home from Junior/Senior banquet prep! It was really fun. I am very paint-y. My whole face looks ever so nice. ;] White paint all over. Good times.

I actually feel like we got a lot of work done! Hopefully that means we won't be scrambling to finish by the end of it. That's how it is every year, though, so I'm not banking on our year being any different.

What else, what else? I've decided that I am pro-choice. Firstly, I don't think it's my business to force my own beliefs and morals upon another person. (I would likely not have an abortion, however I would not want someone telling me I'm wrong/bad/etc. if I did decide to have one for some reason.) This is especially huge in my mind because basically the essential part of my faith is love, and if I'm forcing my beliefs down someone else's throat, I don't see how that could be "loving" them in any way. On top of that, I think it would be better for a woman to get an abortion in a hospital rather than try to do it on her own. It's much safer to get one in a hospital/clinic, obviously. I'd rather see one person (fetus/baby/"soul"/whatever you want to call it) die than two. I know that is definitely not a nice thing or really a "good" thing to think, but that's the way my mind works.

The above mentioned is open to discussion, however if someone starts sounding either like they are condemning my words or acting as though they are better somehow than I am, the discussion will be close or they will be cut out of it. This is my blog, I write about what I want, and I will not be criticized for it. I'm not saying that you can't dispute what I say, but be respectful and maybe even nice about it. Trust me, it works a LOT better than just being a jerk.

I dunno if I have much else to say right now. I'm tired and I need to get my bio homework done, so I guess I'll go do that.

Night night, friends.

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  1. I'm pro choice as well, mainly for the reason's you mentioned.

    You've given me another poll for my blog for me to create as well! =D