Jun 25, 2009

I am (hopefully) going swimming at the boyfriend's friend's house today! Huzzah! My house just got really hot... or maybe I am just toasty for no reason. I don't know. I think I shall go eat something, since it is now 3pm and I have not yet done so today. Hmm... oh mah gah I think I motivated the boyfriend a little more on the making our comic front! :D Yaaay. (If you didn't know this, we've been planning on starting one since like... winter... and it has yet to actually happen, although we do have characters and a general setting.)

If swimming does not happen today, then I will probably end up watching Rocky Horror (finally), so really it is a win-win situation. Yay!

Today feels like a good day. The end.

Psst, make sure you look at the links in my last entry.

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