Jun 11, 2009

I did not post yesterday! Oh my.

There is a very good reason for this, however.


You see, the boyfriend invited me to his friend's birthday party. I went. We were hanging out at his house, and then we all went outside (at this point there were like... 8 of us?)... and then someone decided it would be fun to walk down to the railroad tracks (it's just down a hill behind his house). After that, someone else decided we would walk down the railroad tracks to this one bridge. And when we'd gotten about 3/4 of the way down, a red light by the bridge went on.


Luckily, there was this weird spot where there was cement on both sides of the tracks, and on one side there was a cement slope you could go down. We all went down the slope, and I realized that the "weird spot" was actually a bridge over this little creek. We hung around, basically in the bushes, and watched the train go by. I tried to take a picture on my phone but I'd thought of it too late, so I didn't get the shot. Oh well. Instead of climbing back up the slope, someone decided to walk into the woods. We were going to go see the "killing circle." I was not pleased, but I went along with it anyway. Some of the people had on shorts/flip-flops/both, so I felt bad for them. I, unfortunately, was in my favorite jeans and my brand new maroon One-Stars. :(

We started to walk. We went through tall grass, which freaked me out because there could have been animals in it (someone saw one at some point and we found fresh deer tracks). Then, we got to a wet spot. Oh joy. My feet got kinda wet, but not too bad. We all kept walking, through the grass and bushes and trees. We went up a hill that smelled like poop (apparently there was a farm nearby) and then down the other side and through some more trees and finally made it to the "killing circle." Apparently it's called that because it's almost entirely surrounded by hill. Nothing all that interesting. Bugs starting eating us, so we decided to leave. Someone decided we would go another way.

We started to walk, and then it got wet... and wetter... and wetter. One of the guys said "I think this is the marsh... we don't want to go this way" but we walked a bit further. The leaders started laughing and we realized that we'd been pranked. They then took us back and we took a real way back to the house. I think maybe we got a little bit lost... we ended up at the creek that we had crossed earlier (somewhere past the first meadow of tall grass)... and decided the best way would be to walk through it. I took off my socks and then put my shoes back on, rolled up my jeans as best I could (although they were skinnies so it didn't work all that well), and walked across. The water went about 10 inches below my waste. :[ Someone else walked over to this close by cement thing and we realized that had we crossed there (it was about 10 feet away from where we had crossed), the water would have only gone up to mid-shin. I was pissed.

After crossing, 1/2 the boys decided they wanted to try to build a bridge next to the cement thing (which I guess was also attached to an old beaver dam). We ended up staying there for like an hour, while the one other girl with us and I slowly started to freeze our butts off. Once it was about to start getting dark, we went back... We got back to the house and I looked at the time on my phone, only to realize that we'd been out in the woods/meadows/creek/etc. for THREE HOURS.

We all went in after some people changed/hosed off... and proceeded to have a pretty good time. We ate, talked, played games, and so on.

I went home around 10:30 and looked at some more old stuff my mom found. (Maggie, there's something from you from 5th grade and another thing from Danny from 2nd grade that I want to show you!) I then went to bed.

I slept in until 1:30pm. I usually don't do that, but I guess I got exhausted after yesterday.

Today, I played Mario Paint with my SuperNes, which we just found! We have other games, but the only controller we have is the mouse, so I can only play Mario Paint for the time being. I'm looking to borrow a controller from the boyfriend.

There you have it, the last day and a half of my life.


  1. Oohhh, I want to see what you found!

  2. Wow what an adventure. Was more exciting than my day today that's for sure.

  3. @Maggie: They're up now! Heehee

    @Alphie: lol it was exciting... and fun, for the most part.