Sep 18, 2009

Woooo, I have no school today!

I got my Nintendo DS! It's red and IT MATCHES MY PHONE! :D I only have Scribblenauts right now, but that is fine because it is funfunfun. Also, I think I can play Gameboy Advanced games on it? Or Gameboy... or somewhere in the middle... I don't know, need to investigate.

I was at my friend Maggie's last night for a sleepover. We went to Starbucks with our friends Lauryn and Bryan, and their friend John (Jon?), who Lauryn wanted to set up with Maggie. Woo. Anyway, we got back, went to Blockbuster, picked out this movie called Session 9 (Allan, I know you blogged about this one before), which I really didn't want to see but everyone else did, and then went back to Maggie's house.

Well we watched the movie and ate pizza. Then just generally hung out, boys left, yadda yadda. Lauryn was very awake, I suppose, so she kept talking and reading a magazine and the TV was on a music channel but it was a bit too loud, so I couldn't sleep. Once she decided to go to sleep, the lights and TV were turned off. Fairly average. I closed my eyes, snuggled up with my kitty (stuffed animal from none other than The Boyfriend) and tried to sleep. Well... I'm not sure whether or not I got any sleep... I know the lights were on until at least like 12:30, and I remember being awake for a while... so perhaps not. Anyway, one of Maggie's cats (a real one) jumped up on the couch with me and snuggled up. Still, I could not sleep, and I began to be scared.

I get sort of paranoid at night... it's really awful. I don't know if it was the movie, or the fact that we were in the basement, or just because I'm always kinda freaked out when the lights go out and I've got nothing to see/listen to, but my level of fear just kept rising. It got to be 1:30am, and I was crying and having a hard time breathing. I guess that is something along the lines of a panic attack, right? So I tried to calm down, but the freaking out and the shaking got worse, so I just woke Maggie up, told her I was going home, gathered my stuff and left.

My mom was very confused when I got home, but didn't ask me anything after I said "a panic attack or something." I went to my room, and ended up finally falling asleep at like 3am.

UGH. I only remember this happening one other time in my life, and I don't recall why, but I remember it was for an actual reason. Last night was just weird and stupid.

Blah this entry is too long! So sorry! But yeah, that is my story. Peace!


  1. SESSION 9 WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    And you didn't buy me a pony with your shiny plastic card of doom. =/

    I think the DS can play GBA and GB games. I'm sure it can play GBA games cause I've seen it with my own eyes.

  2. What are... you... doing... here?

    I ended up not being able to watch it 1/2way through because it got too weird... I took out my DS and played it on mute, but I still had to listen to the movie. -_- I think that made it worse.

    No, I did not. No pony stores nearby.

    And yeah, I played a GBA game for a while with it. I don't know where any of my old GBC games are, but I'll test them when/if I find them.