Oct 22, 2009

Hey all.

I have a raging headache so I'll post more later. Just wanted to point out that evidently, my face truly matches my insides sometimes.

Today, while I was at Starbucks with a couple of friends, I heard my name. I looked up, only to see a waving hand and a slightly familiar face. I tried my hardest and after a few seconds, I remembered his name and where I knew him from. It was Prabhat, a guy who I had not seen since 8th grade. I went over and talked a bit and then sat back down. My friends said that my face was priceless. Evidently, it looked like I went into "panic mode," according to my friend Kailyn. My other friend, Jenn, said that I went bright red and looked like I really didn't know what to do. What's funny was that I was when I saw him, I was thinking something like "Oh man, I feel bad, I don't know who this is" and I guess it showed, for a second at least.

Anywho, that is all for now.


  1. That's funny. It's happened to me at least once or twice, you're sitting there in the middle of a conversation trying to figure out 'who in the world am I talking to?'

    Hope you've gotten over your headache by the time you read this

  2. I know! It is such an odd feeling. It was so strange, it just brought back a flood of great (and not-so-great) memories of middle school.

    Thank you! I did get over it a couple hours after posting... I just went to bed, pretty much.