Oct 19, 2009

Today, I had the honor of wearing a sweater to school. It was no ordinary sweater. Oh no, it was much more than just a sweater. It was (and is)... something akin to a BILL COSBY SWEATER. It is bright and colorful and all sorts of comfy... but why tell you about it when I can just show you? :D

So this is THE SWEATER. The story behind it is this: One day, I went to Goodwill with my good friends, Maggie and Lauryn. Lauryn picked up this craaaazy sweater and asked if I wanted it. Well I did not want to spend too much money at the time, but she decided that she wanted it. One dressing room trip later, and all three of us gals decided that we loved/wanted it. We each paid $2 for it, and Lauryn paid an extra $1, which added up to the whole $7 cost. We decided we would trade it off, like The Pants in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, only we're going to wash the sweater.

I figured that what we can do so that what we paid evens out, is we'll rent out the sweater. Lauryn priced it at 10 cents a wear. Thus, the first 10 wears will pay back Lauryn, and then each after that will make each of us a 3.33 cent profit. :) We are SO going to make a fortune. Teehee. ♥

That was basically the most exciting part of my day. It was generally just a really nice day. The weather was beautiful (which was refreshing after so much rain and gross), so I went outside and took pictures of the sweater, as well as ladybugs and spiders and paint and things. :) Whee!

Oh, and I found out that my sophomore history teacher who moved back home to Alabama is now expecting twins! I am so excited for her and her husband. :) They're gonna be the coolest parents ever ever ever.

Today was wonderful! It was just one of those days that reminds me why I love life so much. I even had fun editing a poem that I'd written! Seriously, today is just crazy awesome. I think it's got a lot to due with the sweater, haha. :) I'll be sad not to wear it tomorrow. Oh well, maybe the sweatery joy will carry over through until the next time I wear it (as it goes to Maggie next, then back to Lauryn).

Hum. What do you love about life/fall/sweaters/anything?

P.S. I updated the "art blog!" Go check it out for some poetry-ness.


  1. I suddenly have the urge for some Jell-O pudding...

  2. Haha gee, I wonder why... :)