Oct 18, 2009

The short and skinny: We are going to stay friends. I do not like Kyle romantically and we are not going be a couple or anything like that.

Thai food was delicious and lots of fun. We went out to Starbucks afterward and the was pretty chill. It's nice to just talk with a friend sometimes. :) (Especially over delicious coffee drinks.)

My friend's Eagle Scout thing was actually fun. He got a new neckerchief. Yay!

I went and saw The (non-current) Boyfriend for a little bit after the ceremony b/c I was right by his house and he invited me over. It was nice. We watched this really crazy movie. And then I left for home, changed, and went on the date. The end!


  1. Judging by the indifferent tone of some of your other posts, this sounds like the right course of action. We have to be at least 75% sure when going into a relationship...you sounded about 50%.

  2. Haha well I've always wondered if there was any science to relationships... I suppose that'd be it, eh? :)