Apr 24, 2010

Self Centered Saturday #4

Oh hay. So Ben Folds was amazing. Unfortunately, I didn't bring in my camera, so the only pictures I have of the show are from my phone. I'll see if I can get them on my computer at some point.

Hmm... I got to hang out with the best friend yesterday. She is insane but I like her that way. :) WOOT.

I'm discovering more and more that some of the people I know are really bitchy. Like, REALLY. Especially when they don't get their way. I dunno, I guess that's just how some people are, right? Anyway, my friends are amazing and suchly so I guess it's all good.

I'm going to be LAZY today and play Sims until tonight, when there is this thing at my school where a bunch of the senior boys put on a talent show. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go to that. I have at least one friend who is in it, so I'd like to see his act, but also there are some really funny/talented fellas performing so it should be fun. Just gotta get the moolah to go. (I was a dummy and deposited all my cash into the bank yesterday, not thinking I should hold back $10 for the thing tonight. Whoops.)

I think that's all I really have to say about myself for today.

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