Mar 23, 2009

These posts are too long but I swear this one is interesting...

Seriously, who makes up these word verifications?

For some of the comments I've left on various blogs, I've had to write:


among other strange words that I doubt appear in the English dictionary. (I don't think these are real words because my spellcheck keeps telling me that they are not. Plus, I've never heard any of them before...)

I think I'd like to make these words a new part of my daily vernacular (which is a wonderful word, by the way). And so, without further ado, I present...

Today's word: Dersh

How is this word supposed to be used? My guess would be something like this...

"Herbert slipped in the rain and landed in some mud today."
"Aww, that poor dersh."

Got a better idea for its usage? You should leave it here. I'm thinking maybe this will become a regular thing. I post enough comments to find these crazy words daily.

Hoping you have a hanartl day,

p.s. I have a friendship bracelet (well... I made it myself... but I was with my best friend and she made her own and we both wear ours all the time) made of the Rainbow Bright colors. I'm thinking maybe I should post a picture eventually.

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  1. Haha, "dersh" reminds me of "douche". What a dersh bag.